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PostSubject: A DRUNKEN START   A DRUNKEN START I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 9:09 pm

Special Guest Star: Nameless Prostitute Wench

*The scene opens with a shot of a long hallway. This particular hallway is empty, only filled with emptiness and absent space. Suddenly, a figure emerged from out of one of the doors in the hallway. Turning back towards the open door, the man who had stepped out spoke.*

--x--|| KEG ||--x--
"Thanks again, wench!"

*With a smirk on his face, KEG began to walk down the hallway, nearing the end. Coming to a door that had no name plate, unlike the many others around it, KEG pushed the door open and entered what it was proceeding. Inside of his locker room, KEG's belongings are scattered everywhere. The room should have seemed a mess, but in a weird way it came off being even worse than that. As KEG let the door shut behind him, the beer mug logo on his tight fitting black shirt became more evident. There was the significant mark of the beer mug logo, surrounded by patches of foam and amber "hoppy" colors. KEG made his way to the sofa and sat, a number of creases forming on the back of the legs of his jeans. Just as he had become seated, he focuses his attention on the always-present camera. Staring across the space, KEG speaks.*

--x--|| KEG ||--x--
"Hi everyone! I'm KEG, the world's most famous late night basic cable TV host! I used to host the reality show, "How I Banged Your Mother", but after being arrested for banging drunk chicks, I learned my lesson... mostly. Anyway, I've hit rock bottom and now I'm here in the SWA, hoping to make a name for myself and to finally become a household name once again. I look forward to meeting all of the boys backstage.. and I'm more than willing to head out for a brew or two! If you're buying, then I could always use another beer! Adios amigos!"

*Fade to black.*
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